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The year was 1957 and the big horn bands were
blasting their way through the dance halls. Mr.
Jack Costanzo was born September 1919. In
the 1940's he had went to Havana a couple of
times and was taught how to play the Bongos
and the Congas.
Working as a dance instructor at the Beverly Hills Hotel Mr. Costanzo got the chance to show his
skills to band leader Bobby Ramos. Mr. Ramos
offered him a job and Costanzo was off and

During those years Costanzo played with the Lecuona Cuban Boys, Desi Arnez and the Rene Touzet band. The gigs just kept coming and through the 1940's into the 1950's Constanzo played with top acts like Perez Prado, Betty Grable, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, Marlon Brando, Vic Damone, Eddie Fisher and many more.

Jack played with Nat King Cole from 1949 to 1953. Later on in the 50's Costanzo formed his own band and toured playing his Latin beats and many Hollywood actors and acts followed. Many great albums were recorded.

The Bongo kid was now Mr. Bongo. Jack has played in over 17 movies and recorded over 18 albums.

Mr. Costanzo is now 94 and still going strong!!!!!!

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Afro Cuban All Stars

Its a Tuesday afternoon and the sun is shinning. I just lit a nice Maduro cigar and opened a ice cold Heifer Weizen beer. I think there is something missing here oh yeah the music! I put on the only thing that could top off this moment, The Afro Cuban All Stars. 

In the tradition of the 1950's Cuban music Juan De Marcos worked hard to bring back the sounds that people couldn't resist.

In March 1996 Juan got the go ahead to release a album that featured 60 musicians " A Toda Cuba le Gusta". Soon after the legendary Eliades Ochoa, Omara Portuondo and the American guitarist Ry Cooder joined and recorded the quint essential album "Buena Vista Social Club". 

In the spring of 1997 after releasing three albums in Europe Juan hit the road touring the continent under the name " Afro Cuban All-Stars". The line up was extensive with Ruben Gonzalez and Gullermo Rubalcava on piano, Angel Terry on Congas, Carlos Gonzalez and Roberto Valdes on percussion & bongos, Alejandro Pichardo and Guajiro Mirabal on trumpets, Orlando Lopez on bass, Amadito Valdes on timbale, Alberto Martinez and Jesus Ramos on trombones and Felix Baloy,Ibrahim Ferrer, Pio Leiva, ManualLicea and Raul Planas as lead singers. 

The tour was a complete hit. Years of touring and recording led to 4 Grammy nominations, numerous awards and documentaries and films that kept the public wanting more.

In 2002 Juan started his own record label the DM Ahora Records. The release of the Afro Cuban All Stars Live in Japan and the album Step Forward got another Grammy nomination in 2006.  

The next time you need a little horn,timbale and latin groove just put on the Afo Cuban All Stars and savior the moment!



Born in Artemisa a small village just outside Havana Cuba, Arturo Sandoval
began hit classical Trumpet training at the age of twelve. In 1977 Arturo got to meet Dizzy Gillespie and became a mentor for the young Cuban player.

 A friendship grew and Dizzy invited Arturo to play in the United Nations Orchestra, soon after Arturo defected to the US.

Arturo was a instant hit among the jazz and latin communities. The style and passion that Arturo had for the art couldn't be denied. Arturo has now been touring and recording for over 30 years and has accomplished more than most musicians. Arturo has recorded over 200 of his own compositions and has earned 10 Grammy Awards and nominated 19 times. 

Mr. Sandoval also has 6 Billboard Awards and an Emmy Award. Arturo was also awarded the Presidential Freedom Award from President Obama. Mr. Sandoval versatility can be heard on many albums with many artists like, Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart, John Williams, Alicia Keys, Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennett, Patti La Belle and of course Dizzy.
There are countless movie and TV soundtracks and the Kennedy Center has commissioned Mr. Sandoval on four different ballets and productions. Mr. Sandoval still tours today with his own Orchestra and will go down as a rare influential artist that gave us his soul through his music.

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