Thursday, May 5, 2016



Well for some of us that don't live in a cigar shop 24 hours a day we would
like to have a custom humidor in our home that doesn't break the bank. In 
this article we will show you some cool ideas you can probably make in
your spare time and give that special cigar shop look.

Now like I was saying earlier if you don't have thousands to spend on a huge cigar humidor cabinet but you still want that cool custom look you could try some of these ideas. A nice medium sized build in wall unit that could hold up to lets say 400 cigars would be more economical. Take for instance the picture to the right. This unit is a simple box unit that has been installed into a wall that has five shelves that probably hold 60 to 75 cigars per shelf and has been finished off with a lighting system and a classy frame.

Here is a nice three shelf unit that is small but holds enough cigars for you and your guests for that weekend football game or BBQ. This was also looks like it was install into a door which has me puzzled but I give him credit. A nice framed was also used which like the photo above I feel is a unique touch.

Now this might be the easy way out. This person has bought a automatic cigar cooler and installed it into the wall for that flat out of the way look. These units come in all different shapes and sizes and are usually just plug and go with built in humidification system and a digital read out. You can find these online from $199 to $599 depending on the size and equipment.

Here is more ideas to keep your juices flowing. You can take your time building a unit or have a contractor install a purchased unit or even build you a custom piece that goes with the decor you have chosen for your home. Anyway you look at it the final finished project will be yours to enjoy for a long time. 

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